02 July 2019

A Caravan Checklist To Ensure You Have A Comfortable Trip

The best way to discover the beauty of Australia and everything it has to offer is through driving around in a caravan. You can easily rent a caravan and plan your holiday trip. Among the things to plan regarding where to travel, what to do and what to see in Australia, you also have to plan what to pack for your road trip journey in the caravan.

The job of planning what to take can take days. Therefore, take the pressure and burden off yourself by getting organised as early as you can and make a packing list to help you check off the things as you go. Whatever you can get done in advance, you will find it less stressful to get things ready. Furthermore, it will also help you get on the road at an earlier date.

What Things To Pack To Take On Your Road Trip In Your Caravan

Based on the duration and location of your trip, you will have to take somewhat different things and stuff on each trip. It is imperative you keep a list so you do not leave your house without them.

It is also imperative to ensure that before you go on your caravan trip, you get some furniture online. In order to have a comfortable trip, you will need to have furniture in your caravan.

Your Complete Caravan Checklist

  1. Check the fire alarm to see if you need to replace the battery
  2. Fire blanket/fire extinguisher
  3. Dishwashing detergent, sponges, plug, tea towels
  4. Old towel, BBQ wipes, canvas or car cleaners, big sponge
  5. Wipes, soap, hand sanitiser, tissues hand towel
  6. Brush/pan set or mini vacuum
  7. Mats for outside and inside the caravan
  8. Container to hold shoes in
  9. Small table when you want to make your meals outside the caravan
  10. Folding chairs
  11. Bin liners and small bin
  12. Bags for carrying and shopping clothes
  13. Bags for dirty clothes, clothesline, washing powder, and pegs,
  14. Board games, cards, pens, reading material
  15. Camera
  16. Sporting equipment
  17. Fishing gear
  18. Wet weather gear, umbrella, hats, sun protection
  19. Chargers for the devices you take
  20. Firelighters, torches,
  21. Kettle and toaster
  22. Bath towels and toiletries
  23. Extension cord/s for fridge
  24. Kitchen utensils such as tongs, potato peeler, egg flip, chopping boards
  25. Tyre/s for caravan  
  26. Puncture repair kit
  27. Mini spirit level
  28. Toolbox well equipped with an electrical tape, radiator hoses, spanner set, screwdrivers, etc.
  29. Tyre pressure gauge

Apart from ensuring to keep these essential things, you also have to take care of your caravan. When you look after your caravan, its lifespan will last much longer.

After you are done packing, make sure to double check that the caravan cupboard doors and drawers are locked to stop the insides from flying out when you are driving.