16 December 2019

Best Australian Caravaning Locations of 2019

Caravanning is the best way to de-stress and relieve the tensions of your life. Either grab a partner, your family or a friend and just be on the road at all times. It is a lovely way to see sights, enjoy each other’s company and to be connected with nature. If you are someone that needs a break from your hectic daily routine and want to relax without worrying about the small details, then caravanning is for you. There are many types of caravans and ways to tow them, however, there are also many sites where these caravans can be towed to which are amazingly breathtaking and beautiful.

Every year new sites are discovered, and in this article, we will give you an update on your favourite and newly added sites in 2019 in Australia. Before heading out it’s essential you carry enough supplies for the trip. If you’re towing the caravan in a ute and want to use the back tray for additional secure storage space, check out: https://hsputelids.com/product-category/roll-top/  

  1. Freycinet National Park, Tasmania

This national park in Tasmania is a dream for those who love caravanning. This will help you relax and de-stress within an instant. The drive up to the park is absolutely gorgeous and so are the features inside the park. You can fish or kayak in the pristine bay, hike or relax at Wineglass bay or just be one on one with the nature at this park. It is known as one of the most scenic locations in Australia due to the immense amount of beauty and diversity it contains. This park is the perfect spot for a perfect holiday.

  • The Daintree Rainforest, Queensland

It is everyone’s dream to at least experience a night in a rainforest once. If you want to see the true scenic beauty of Australia and the nature it holds, this is the spot for you. In the beautiful and dense rainforest, you can find serenity and peace. It has beautiful branches and trees with reefs right next to it. So if you are searching for nature or what lies beneath the blue waters, this place is the perfect spot for you to caravan to and relax for either the weekend or holidays.

  • The Great Ocean Road, Victoria

The great ocean road is a sight of beauty that one must-see. It is 240 km long and is just stunning. With beaches running alongside it, you can always go up and relax on the beach, catch a few surf waves and tan for a while. This drive will be serene as well as magical with the changing scenes and gorgeous sights. It stretches from Torquay all the way to Allansford. With different and changing sights through the entire road, you will remain entertained and occupied at all times from the beauty of the sights. There are many stops to see which include waterfalls and stunning beaches along the way.