23 September 2019

Catering for A Party at Home

Catering for a party at home is the business of providing food services to others at their homes. Although it is not too hard to find catering companies in Melbourne, people can also opt to do catering for an event at home by themselves as it is very easy. If you love to cook regardless of the occasion, you can then opt for the profession of catering for parties at your own home rather than going out to fancy restaurants for food which is, nevertheless, not a bad thing at all. However, all that you need to do to successfully organize a party at home is to follow some of the tips given below:

1) Choosing the Right Venue 

The most important thing to successfully organize a party at home is to find the most appropriate place where all the arrangements will be done. Try to choose a place that has mild lighting, moderate temperature, and other suitable factors. Decorate the venue nicely and make sure not to overdo the venue. 

2) Decide the Menu Carefully 

Decide the menu of the party to be catered carefully. Include veg and non-veg both. Make sure to add besides the main course(s) different types of salads. The dressing should also be introduced on the menu. Try to make more than one dessert with different types of sweetness so that the guests with diabetes can also enjoy the party completely. Some people might have food allergies. Try to take information about such guests beforehand and focus on such people too. To make the menu table attractive, mention the name of each dish and for the food made for people with allergies, you can mention “onion free or ginger free etc.” 

3) Focus on Quality Not Quantity 

Remember that quantity is nothing if the food is not of good quality and doesn’t taste good. Also, in the case of crockery, choose the one that has the best quality, as the dull and untidy crockery can annoy the guests. 

4) Arrange for Additional People 

It is always advisable to make arrangements for more people than those actually listed as the guests. This will help you in serving everything without stressing about the food being not enough. Moreover, in case if someone drops their food accidentally, you can serve them more food without any worry. 

5) Decorate According to the Event 

It is always advisable to choose the decor, colour combination, food, and other arrangements according to the type of the event. For instance, if you are hosting a birthday for a boy, you can choose blue and white colour combination and for a girl’s birthday, you can use the combination of pink and purple. For birthdays, the cake is an essential item. Set up for different games, and try to make food less spicy as in birthdays, majority of the guests are kids. 

6) Make the Atmosphere Pleasant 

Make the atmosphere for the party at home attractive and pleasant by decorating it, using good fragrance, and proper lighting. Use the air conditioner in summers and heater in winters. You can also play music in the background but remember to keep the volume low as loud music sometimes irritates the guests.