11 October 2022

How To Choose The Best RV Tent

Let’s start by confirming that Car Tents and RV tents are basically the same. So, if you’re not able to find RV tents, search for car tents. The difference between the two is in size and capacity in most cases. With that being said, you can use this guide to find the best RV tent or car tent. Let’s have a look:

1. The Type Of Tent

There are different types of tents out there. You have the rooftop tents, then the ones you install at the side of your vehicles. It is all about understanding your specific needs and preferences.

Generally speaking, rooftop tents might not be the best choice for an RV. You need to consider the safety of your caravan over everything else.

2. Primary Considerations For Rooftop Tent

Still, if you want to consider the rooftop tents for RV:

Understand The Dynamic Weight Capacity

The dynamic weight capacity is what your vehicle, RV in this reference, can support on its top. Cars and RVs often come with enough capacity to support the tent, but still, it is worth checking out.

If you’re using an extension-type tent that uses RV as structural support, you don’t have to consider dynamic weight capacity, you can consider the static weight capacity.

Next Comes The Static Weight Capacity

The static weight capacity is the vehicle’s ability to support the weight, even if it might need extra installations. For instance, using stairs for the rooftop tent and supporting it. Generally, static weight capacity is three times the dynamic weight capacity.

Consider The Weight Of the Tent And Roof Rack

Finally, consider the weight of the tent and the roof rack before you use them on your RV.

3. Consideration For An Oztent

It would be better for you to stick to Oztents. They work best for RVs, and it is easier to determine what you need from them. Here is a quick guide to help you find the Oztent:

  • Check for ease of installation. Most Oztents take around 30 seconds to a minute for a setup.
  • The portability shouldn’t be an issue as long as your RV has enough space. Still, consider the storage and portability needs.
  • Consider the material of the Oztent. It should be waterproof and durable. If transportation isn’t an issue, choose heavy-duty material, which might weigh a little more but will last you longer.
  • Check for the features you would check in a typical tent – For example, windows, harnesses, pockets, inlets, and more.
  • Make sure that it comes with a floor. Heat-insulated floors are even better unless you’re camping in a hot climate.
  • Check if the tent is modular and if you could extend it. If not that, then it should at least support things like camping tables and chairs.

Don’t forget to check for the warranty, among other things. If you still can’t find the store for them, check out Oztent in Australia at Freddys Fishing & Outdoors