24 April 2019


Mornington Peninsula hot springs and spa resort is an exquisite location for nature lovers, families and spa fanatics. The spa is host to various entertainment, relaxation, beautification and spa facilities.

The resort lies 90 minutes outside of Melbourne which means you can easily buy a spa in Melbourne. Gift certificates and deals for the spa can easily be bought online, and they will surely be worthwhile! The spa is surrounded by scenic coastal beauty and Aboriginal heritage sites and offers a whole host of experiences.

Amongst the services featured at Mornington Peninsula Hot springs and spa are:


Mornington Peninsula offers a variety of bath services and facilities for its patrons. Patrons can go on bathing journeys, dive into hot springs or visit baths. The spa is host to around 50 baths, boasting the presence of a cave pool, a reflexology wall, sauna as well as plunge pools, thermal mineral pools and family-friendly bathing areas. The spa is also host to a Haman or a Turkish bath. The variety of services and facilities can entertain and reinvigorate people of all ages. The services can be tailored to your own requirements in terms of skin, health or spiritual and mental needs.

Spa dreaming centre

The spa has a Spa dreaming centre open to people aged 16 and older. The centre consists of private, communal pools that can be booked so that patrons receive beauty and spa care. Patrons can ask for facials, mud wraps, salt wraps, healing stone treatments and Kodo body massages. Being able to detox and revitalise in a private setting with friends or family can be a splendid experience. The services offered use authentic, organic means to tackle skin health, mixing in tradition with the modern.  

Dining experiences

The spa has something for everyone, from art lovers to organic food-lovers and families. For instance, it has an Amphitheatre cafe that overlooks an amphitheatre stage, providing a view of art performances. There are various picnic areas, including a coastal garden, where families can gather to eat and enjoy nature. The Amphitheatre café also offers delights cantered on the S.L.O.W. food movement, serving the Seasonal Local Organic Whole food that the movement advocates. The cafe then allows you to detoxify your diet and helps you feeling happier and healthier.

Wellness Programs

The spa offers retreats and group activities in a wellness program. The programs offer workshops like The Fire and Ice Bath, where patrons are taken to saunas, geothermal hot springs and ice caves to treat the skin. Another workshop called The Global Bathing Journey uses Turkish baths and clay rituals to help relax and freshen your skin for 45 minutes.  Other activities include hot springs yoga, yoga and bathing, and Pilates and bathing. Physical exercise along with bathing services help to refresh your mind and body.

Cultural experiences

The spa combines diversity, heritage and modern techniques to give its customers the experience of a lifetime. From Turkish baths to yoga, to Aboriginal cultural exploration, the spa offers a wide range of cultural experiences. The entire family can enjoy the great outdoors at Mornington Peninsula.  Amongst its wellness program and activities, the Mornington Peninsula offers a Global bathing journey. The package includes treatment in the Haman, reflexology massages and indigenous Australian clay ‘rituals’.