19 March 2019

The Worst Guidance for Skip Hire You Could Ever Give

Although there is a lot of information available about how skip hires can be called and asked to collect waste materials from doorsteps, many are unaware of them, and in return may end up with fines for not properly handling their waste. Calling skip hire in Melbourne can help not just in keeping the environment clean, but also helps reduce the burden on skip hires for the handling of waste and their transfer. Still, some possibly the worst advice one can receive for skip hire operations are mentioned below.

Not Hiring a Professional

A big concern includes the way recycling works. Many individuals are ill-informed about the waste they can dispose of or give to skip bin hire companies. Skip hires usually take plastic bottles, newspapers, cardboard, small electrical appliances, inflammable liquids, and destroyed materials such as woods and glass bottles. However, they are not allowed to take chemicals that are hazardous to the environment, hard to manage and dispose of, have computer electronics or integrated circuit in it or have any widespread commercial use.

Giving Medical Equipment

Skip Hires are strictly not allowed to take any form of medical equipment that can be used for the treatment of patients, even if it is ready for recycling. Many individuals throw their glucose and blood pressure machines, radiotherapy machines and scrap medical equipment that was used for critical treatment.

Hiring Any Skip Hire

Hiring skip here who are not experienced or do not have proper certifications just because waste material is residential can be a big mistake. Using garbage bins and throwing them in places where skip hires are not possible to reach is also an issue that many residential individuals aren’t aware of. Residential owners should be aware of about the bin sizes that are available and should throw garbage as per their sizes. Excessive loads, or overfilling one that is not empty can lead to complaints and possible action.

You Can Stop a Waste Transfer

It is not possible to stop skip hires during waste transfer function. Because skip hires are not allowed to stop in between their routine, unless they have a collection point, residential and commercial users are advised not to stop waste transfer trucks and equipment just to provide them with the waste they have. Waste disposal can be done only on designated areas, and if a skip bin is full, they should wait, or find a different collection point. Irrespective, it is always a good practice to call skip hires and ask them to collect the waste from your doorsteps.