04 June 2019

Tips to Care for Your Caravan like a Pro

It is an honest fact that caravans last longer than cars, but at the end of the day, their lifespan solely depends on how you maintain and take care of it. Cleaning and maintenance checks are imperative if you really want your caravan to last for a longer time period because after all, a caravan is expensive and this isn’t something you can afford to buy every other day. The wiser thing to do is to take care of your caravan before time so that you don’t have to opt for costly maintenance.

Caravans require a little extra care than cars because a caravan is like a portable home. You live in it, you eat in it, you sleep it in and you drive it. So, you should clean the interior of your caravan every single day because no matter what you do, if you are living in it, there’s going to be a lot of dirt trapped inside it.

Here are some of the best tips to take care for your caravan like a pro: 

1-Buy the right equipment

First of all, get acar cleaning kit that can help you in cleaning both the interior and exterior of your caravan. This cleaning kit should have it all, from a window cleaning spray to a shine polisher. Just get the right kit and keep it with you inside the caravan.

2-Use an immobiliser

As said earlier, your caravan is nothing like a car especially because you live in it and it’s more of a house. Now, to make sure that your caravan is protected and safe, you should get an immobiliser and use it whenever you have parked your caravan somewhere. This immobiliser will prevent your car from overturning if you ever mistakenly park your car improperly.

3-Maintain the right tyre pressure

Want some safe and sound caravanning? Well, then make sure that the pressure in your tyres is optimal. Especially when it comes to caravans, wrong tyre pressure can lead to some seriously dangerous circumstances and blowouts.

4-Make sure your caravan is ventilated

Mould and damp can destroy the interior of your caravan so make sure to use a humidifier or any other product that can ensure some ventilation in the car. This will also help in preventing corrosion as the humidifier helps in removing extra moisture in the caravan.

These are some of the basic tips you should follow so that your caravan stays in a top notch condition at least for 10 to 12 years. Only if you take care of your vehicle like a pro, you will actually be able to reap its numerous benefits.