02 July 2019

What Type Of Decking Board Is Best For Static Caravan

If you are looking for ways to transform the complete appearance of your getaway holiday home, you can add decking to your static caravan. This helps to increase more area for sitting and relaxing, a play area for your kids to play outside, or an area where you can enjoy dining. Just as you would plan for a community event, you should do the same when planning for your decking.

With so many decking opportunities to choose from when planning for your decking, it can be difficult to find the best choice. It is important that you make the right choice as to what type of decking board should you choose. Regardless of the decking board you choose, it is imperative that the adhesive you use is lime mortars additives.

You can make this decision based on some factors such as your requirements and your budget.

Why Should I Select Wood Decking Boards?

The most common caravan decking used is wood. This is due to its affordability and diversability. Most people decide on wood decking due to its availability. You can easily choose from a variety of various dimensions and colours to help you build just what you want to see for your caravan decking. Thanks to the huge assortment of timber available, you can easily choose according to your budget.

Now comes the disadvantage to wood decking. If you decide on this type of static caravan, you will also have to take care of its maintenance. Wood decking usually needs regular wood staining and wood preservative. Without you caring for its maintenance, water can easily leak into the wood and cause it to rot and decay.

Why Should I Select Composite Decking Boards?

A strong substitute to wood decking is composite decking. Most people decide on composite decking because of its long lasting sturdiness and easy maintenance. Different from wood decking, composite doesn’t fade its colour and still imitates the feel and look of traditional wood.

Because of its combination of plastic and wood, composite decking boards don’t crack or chip off. They are completely recyclable, which makes this decking board environmentally friendly.

Composite decking is expensive as compared to timber decking, based on the wood type you pick out. Most people do not prefer the shiny and plastic appearance of composite decking.

Why Should I Select uPVC Decking Boards?

Durable and lightweight, uPVC decking doesn’t soak up water. This guarantees it to be long lasting with no decay or rot. The cost of this material is low and requires less maintenance.

Granting that uPVC decking can be repurposed and recyclable, some people favour the appearance of timber decking. uPVC entails a more difficult installation process as compared to wood. You require special tools and equipment to bend the boards, which means you have to get an installer.