01 April 2019

Caravan insurance do you really need it?

The best way to discover the beautiful country of Australia is through travelling in a caravan.  You truly get to appreciate the beauty and exquisiteness this country has to offer. 

However, there are times when you are not travelling around. When you have just come back from a trip and decide to plan the next one years from now. Although Australia is a beautiful country and offers so much to explore, there are cases when you do not have the time to take out from your busy schedule and go travelling. 

When your caravan is not being used and is just parked in your driveway, the question comes to the mind. Why should I pay for its insurance when it is safely parked in my driveway? Why should I give a good amount of my hard-earned money on a facility I have no need of? In such cases, the reasonable thing for owners to do is to uninsured their caravan. 

Here are some reasons why you should uninsure your Caravan while it is sitting in the driveway.

1.   Insurance Is Expensive

If you take a look at the amount of insurance you pay every month, it may not seem a lot. But by the end of the year when you accumulate the insurance you paid, you realize that you have paid quite a handsome amount of money for a caravan that was at no risk of being damaged, or found in an accident. In case if your caravan does get into an accident, the wise thing to do is contact your TAC lawyers in Melbourne. They will take care of your case.

2.   Your Caravan Is Already Protected

You pay insurance because you want to protect your vehicle. You pay for its insurance to cover the costs in case of any sort of accident or collision. When you are on the road, it makes sense to pay for its insurance. But when you are back from your trip and do not plan on going for a year or so, then it is wiser to un-insure your caravan. Your caravan is safe and well protected in your driveway.

3.   Lack Of Trust

Due to some reasons, the caravan owners feel that they cannot put their trust in their insurance company or agent. These sorts of suspicious feelings may arise due to poor customer service encounters with past carriers. The customers want their needs to be understood but they feel as if the insurance company or agent is just fixated in the caravan owner to keep their insurance all year long. It seems that they are not concerned about providing customers with services that are not in the customer’s best interests. If you think your insurance company or agent is not satisfying your needs, its best to un-insure your caravan.