01 September 2019

Best Car to Tow a Caravan in Australia

Australia is a beautiful country that should be explored by the people living in the country. If you are a person who loves to travel and explore and likes to tow along your caravan, then this blog is especially for you. Though in theory, it sounds pretty simple, that you need to find a vehicle that would match the weight of the car but that is not all. There are many other factors that need to be considered for a safe and comfortable trip with a caravan or a trailer.

Some of the basics of tow vehicles are that it needs to meet the legal towing requirements that are set by the authorities. This, however, varies from brand to brand but following these is very important as they will keep you safe and problem-free through your trip. If your caravan is above 3000 kg, then the options are very limited hence go for a smaller caravan. Other considerations that need to be kept in mind are, the type of engine the car has, the kerb weight and the dimensions of the car. All of these then will have an effect on the stability and strength of the car which will tow the caravan.  If you do not keep these in mind, then you will face heavy fines, discomfort on the road and your safety will be endangered. Some best-suited cars for this task are mentioned below.

Audi Q7

The Audi Q7 is an excellent car to invest in if you tend to travel a lot or tend to tow your caravan or trailer to places. This car meets all the requirements from the authorities. It is a seven-seater hence it will be comfortable for your whole family and will also keep you comfortable on the road. You can also contact Audi mechanic in Melbourne in case you want any information or need to get your Audi ready for a trip. This car will be a great companion on your trip and is perfect for towing a caravan.

Toyota Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser is also a great option for travelling in the wilds of Australia. It is a tried and tested vehicle that is known for its towing capabilities and has a comfortable interior for the family. With a powerful engine and high torque, this is perfect for towing large caravan and trailers. It has the towing capability of 3500 kg which means that a large caravan can easily be transported.

Ford Ranger XLT Double Cab

This car is the second most popular Ford car in the country and that too for a reason. It is an affordable tow vehicle that you can easily choose. It has the same towing power like the Toyota except it comes at a much more affordable price of 56,000 dollars. It is made for caravanning around the country and will be a perfect fit for your trip.