31 December 2020

Eight tips for packing your ute or 4WD for a camping trip

When you’re going on a camping trip, Utes and 4WD let you carry a lot more than a simple car, and you should take advantage of it! Here are 8 tips for making the most of your space and your trip.

1) Organise

First things first: When you go on a trip, you should make sure not only that everything you want to take with you fits in the car, but also how it fits. If you organise efficiently, there will be a lot more room and you will be able to include everything you need. So, when loading things into your Ute or 4WD, not just add items randomly: think it out.

2) Keep important things at hand

Also, when you’re considering what to put in first and where everything should be, don’t forget that some stuff is more important than some other things. All your documentation, wallet, food, water, medicine and even books or other forms of entertainment should be kept at hand so you can easily have access to them when you need them.

3) Secure your space

Utes and 4WDs, as well as other vehicles, have a number of very good options for securing the tray. You can add a mesh insert or some racks. Canopies themselves also add security and safety, as everything stays inside.

4) Storage solutions

The great thing about a Ute or 4WD is you can add extra space with one of the many storage solutions that are available on the market. Canopies are one of the most popular ones, but there are a lot more. For example, try adding roof racks for boats, kayas, or just any big item that you want to carry. A very good option is to look for custom van drawers so you can acquire exactly what you need.

5) Pack for weather extremes…

…and look at the forecast! No matter what the sky looks like today, or even if you took a look at the forecast yesterday. Always keep an eye on the forecast until the day you leave. And regardless of the predictions, pack a good jacket in case it gets cold or if it rains, and a couple of light garments instead it’s warmer than expected.

6) Distribute weight

Apart from space organisation, you should also consider how the weight is distributed. As a rule of thumb, heavier stuff should be put in first (so you can put lighter things right above), and distributed as evenly as possible within the tray. Consider what you’re taking inside the vehicle as well.

7) Get your vehicle serviced

And don’t do it the last day! Take your car for a check-up a month or so before your trip. This way, you’ll be sure that you can take care of any issue that might come up.

8) Don’t forget the essentials!

Apart from food and clothes, you’ll need some essential things for the trip: water to drink all along, mechanic tools in case you need to, for example, change a tire; and a first-aid kit. Also, your phone, tablets and/or notebook chargers!