29 January 2020

Safety tips for caravans in Australia’s fire season

As the summers are approaching, many of you will be planning to explore the outdoors. Summertime is the ideal season to travel around and people are most likely to plan caravan trips to some of the best places in Australia and around the bushfire prone areas. The bushfire crisis continues in Australia and it is immensely important that you plan your trips carefully. Whether it is a road trip or a camping trip, you must make sure to travel safely and take proper safety measures.

There is always so much hustle and bustle while leaving and during the trip that one is likely to ignore the basic safety measures. Fire emergencies can occur any time and literally any little thing can trigger it. Hence, not taking the safety measures into consideration can risk not only your life, but also your family’s lives. Neglecting safety precautions can simply turn what was supposed to be your happy holidays into a disaster. Following are some safety tips for caravans:

While Packing

It is extremely crucial to carry a basic emergency kit in your car which should consist of a portable radio, torch, hard copy maps, lots of bottled water, a woolen blanket and an extra mobile phone with a charger. You should make sure to check that your caravan has a fire extinguisher and a smoke alarm that works. It should also have a fire blanket for safety purposes. The electrical and gas equipment should be turned off while travelling. For further licensed electrician safety tips, you can also search online.

On The Road

You should keep a track of the weather conditions of your destination. Not just that, but also stay updated on any kind of fire emergencies by listening to local radio and using social media. If fire authority’s advice you to not to go to certain areas, then it is important you listen to them and avoid those locations. It takes only a few seconds for a bushfire to start and spread widely. Evacuating the place during a bushfire is extremely hazardous and can also lead to death or serious injuries. Last, but not the least – make sure to keep your friends and family updated by reassuring your safety and keeping them posted about your trip.

At the Campsite

As soon as you reach your destination, the very first thing that you should do is look for alternative routes to leave that area, a meeting point for everyone and a nearest bushfire safety place. Make sure to ask for a copy of a bushfire safety plan and familiarize yourself with the details of it very carefully. Also, do check for a Total Fire Ban when lighting a fire.

In Case of Fire

As long as you see a bushfire in the distance, you are safe- just turn around and drive away as fast as you can. If unable to do so, stay in the car and do not try to get out and run as it will protect you from the radiant heat. Whereas, if you are trapped in a bushfire, call ‘000’ emergency services!

Make sure take along this check list before you go on a caravan to have a comfortable trip.