24 January 2020

Window Measuring Mistakes + How to Avoid Them

Many of you must be wondering what in the world is a window measuring mistake. Well think of it this way, you decide it’s time for a makeover and order these beautiful drapes or these gorgeous modern blinds or roller shutters and you take the measurements before you order them. When they arrive you are so excited and cannot wait for the epic transformation when you find out that the curtains or blinds don’t fit. They are too small or big for the window and you made a mistake while measuring. This is exactly what a window measuring mistake is. This is why we have written this article to prevent such occurrences from happening to you and to keep you away from them. If you line in Melbourne and want to get a quote for blinds in Bayside, this really is the best place, with good quality products.

  1. Similar windows don’t mean the same size

If you have a few windows in your living room, you might assume they are the same size. Most of them will probably be, but some of them might not. Many people tend to measure one window and then order the same size for every other window that may seem similar to it. This really is a mistake. Not every window is the same size regardless of the fact that it might look like it is the same size. This is why it is important that you measure all the windows separately and independently so you do not fall prey to this mistake.

  • Meaning the size you want the blinds to be

A common mistake people tend to make is that they think if they measure the size they want the blinds to be and put that in the description of the window. That then leads to an ill-fitting blind or curtain. This is why it is important to avoid such a mistake you write down the exact measurements of the window, so the person who constructs the blinds can make it according to that, making their own adjustments.

  • Measuring old blinds

Another mistake we tend to make is that we measure the old blinds instead of measuring the windows themselves. This again leads to an ill-fitting blind because the old blinds are made according to the proportion of the window and getting blinds made according to those will cause issues in the fit of the new blind. This is why to prevent such an event; you should measure the widow directly instead of measuring anything else.

  • Measuring in 3 places

Just like mentioned above that no two windows are the same size, it’s rare that a window is exactly square. This is why it needs to be measured from three places. You need to measure the length and width from the top, the bottom and the middle to ensure that you get the perfect fit for the blind.