29 April 2022

LED Driving Lights Vs LED Light Bars for Your Vehicle

When it comes to decorating your car or caravan with lights, it is difficult to choose between LED driving lights or LED light bars. Also, both types of lights have their own perk. Maybe that’s the reason why deciding between these two can confuse you to the core. However, worry not about it! Ahead are some comparisons drawn between these two lights to figure out which one is better. You should definitely read them if you are in a similar situation.

LED Driving Lights VS LED Light Bars

Each one of the lights is compared based on the attributes they have. The attributes are mentioned below and then explained in detail with a brief comparison for a better understanding.

Distance Covered By The Light

What could be better than comparing the magnitude that each of the light covers?  Hands down, this one goes to the driving lights as they are designed to spread to a vast distance. Besides, it’s easier on the eyes as you have an exact idea of what obstacle you are going to see in a whilE. However, LED light bars are not bad themselves. With the advancement in technology, now they are designed in such a way that they are catching up to the driving lights.


Most people decorate their car to make it look more wonderful. Therefore considering the exterior looks of the car once the lights are installed is an important factor. Well, in this department, the LED light bar is a clear winner. They come in curved and straight shapes along with single or double rows. Thus, you have plenty of room to be creative.

Driving lights, on the other hand, might have better lighting, but it doesn’t have the appeal of the light bar. Also, it is a wise choice to decorate your car with LED light bars in case you want to sell your car. This is because installing them will certainly increase the value of your car.

Power Consumption

Power consumption is a smart point to discuss as it can clarify which one is the best light. Besides, you wouldn’t want to use the one that draws a significantly large amount of power from your vehicle as it can affect the performance of your vehicle. Unfortunately, there are various versions of both the lights available that need 60W to 600W to function. It totally depends on the version that you have purchased and installed in your vehicle.

The Process Of Installation

Well, jumping straight to the point, LED light bars can actually prove to be a real problem when it comes to installing them. On the bright side, driving lights are easier and simple to install. You can buy some of the best high-quality 4×4 LED driving lights here!

Final Thoughts

By now, you must have come to the conclusion about which light to select for your use. So, stop wasting your time and prepare your caravan or car for the summer holidays!