26 September 2020

Prepare your caravan for the summer holidays

Summer holidays always equal fun road trips and bag packing across the beautiful continent of Australia. If you are one of those lucky people who own a caravan or can get one, then caravanning is the ultimate goal for the summer.

However, before leaving to go into the wild and exploring the beautiful beaches and coasts of Australia, there are a few precautions and checks that you need to do. These will help you be prepared for the worse and travel with style and luxury. Follow these few tips for a safe, fun, and adventurous trip through Australia in a caravan.

  • External maintenance

The first thing we recommend that you do before you take the caravan out for a run is that you wash it. This will remove any sort of dirt, mold, or anything else. This will then give you a clean canvas to work with and you know exactly what needs to be fixed and renovated while what is fine on its own. This is because most people do not use caravans very often so staying in your garage for months can have an impact.

  • Running Gear

We suggest that you give the running gear as well the equipment a good lock and test before taking the caravan out for a trip. This will tell you whether some parts have rusted, if there are nicks or breakages and more. It will also give you updates on whether or not your caravan can survive the trip you are about to take.

  • Water system

For internal maintenance, we suggest your run water through the system to get the entire gunk and to flush out all the impurities. By running water you will also know where there are leaks and what needs to be repaired. We also suggest you buy an appropriate cleaner to sterilize the system and the tanks.

  • Electricity

In today’s world, electricity is just as important as shelter. This is why we suggest that you check whether or not the electricity is working and also check whether or not the switches and lights are working because at times, electricity may be working, but the switch could burn or the light could fuse. You can look for a portable aircon window kit here to install within your caravan.

  • Fire safety

One of the main things to do when it comes to caravanning is making sure you are ready for all types of dangers. This includes fire safety as well. We suggest that you make sure you take all the actions you can to ensure that a fire does not take place. However, you should also have preventative measures such as fire extinguishers and blankets which can save you if an accident were to happen.

  • Restock

This may be the most important step as food is an essential one should never forget. After cleaning your caravan thoroughly and going through all the details, you will need to restock the caravan. We always suggest that you keep more food than needed as less food could create an issue later on. We also suggest that you make a list of things where you have kept them and how many of them just so you can keep track of the food. Make sure you put them in the storage area of the caravan so no pest can get in to steal your food.