27 October 2020

7 Benefits of Bunded Fuel Tanks

Fuel storage is extremely important especially for transportation vendors or logistics companies. It is not always very viable to send your entire fleet to refuel once every while, that would mean a lot of time and additional cost. Fleet managers usually look for ways to improve operations while keeping the cost to a bare minimum. This is where the role of bunded fuel tanks comes in.

What is a Bunded Fuel Tank?

A bunded fuel tank is basically a secure fuel container comprising of two tanks varying in sizes. A smaller tank is placed inside the larger tank. Fuel is stored in the inner tank while the outer one only functions as a protective measure against spillage. The tank gets its name from this very outer protective layer, which is called the bund layer. Buy top quality Bunded Fuel Tanks in the most affordable prices online.

Bunded fuel tanks offer countless benefits, a few are listed here

  1. Cost Saving: As said earlier, a fleet manager’s basic aim is to run smooth operations while saving costs. Bunded fuel tanks allow you to purchase and store fuel in large quantities so when and if the prices fluctuate, you will have some supply of fuel in back up to keep your fleet running.  It is also a great way of securing extra fuel if in case fuel shortage hits your region.
  2. Environment Friendly: Fuel spillage is very harmful to the environment and cause destruction of the flora and fauna around it if happens. Bunded Fuel Tanks are designed to protect against fuel spillage. The bund layer can hold over 100% of the fuel contained in the smaller tank making it the safest option for storage of fuel..
  3. Law Compliance: A lot of global authorities have enforced law on storing fuel over 200 liters in proper bunded tanks. This is because large amounts of fuel if not stored properly can be quite hazardous or lead to accidents. Bunded Tanks ensure no such accidents occur.
  4. Mobility: Storing fuels in a bunded tank also make it easy to transport. This is particularly useful for fuel distributors as they need to transport large amounts of fuel from one place to another and bunded tanks provide them the reinforcement they need.  You can also install bunded tanks in areas which are not so easily accessible to store the fuel.
  5. Security from Fuel Theft: Fuel theft can cause a lot of losses to transporters or fleet owners. It could be stolen from external sources or even internal sources could be found involved in relocating small amounts of fuel here and there. Bunded tanks restrict fuel theft and keeps it safe.
  6. Durable: Bunded tanks are very durable and can function for a very long span. Not just that, since they protect your fuel from spillage and theft, it helps you save a lot of money conveniently.

In addition to these benefits, bunded fuel tanks also promise countless benefits and extra safety features. It allows you to gauge the fuel consumption quantity as well as a warning system triggered by a sudden loss of fuel level.