15 November 2020

9 ways to protect your home while you’re away

It’s time to go on a trip! You have everything ready, but now it’s time to make sure that while you’re gone, your home is well secured. Here are 9 essential things you should never forget.

1) Ensure your security system is up and running

First things first: check that your security system is working correctly. Ideally, you should have an alarm that is able to alert the police or the security company if anything happens. Check all locks on doors and windows as well.

2) Set up timers for indoor and outdoor lights

While you’re away, your home should, to the best possible extent, look like it’s not empty. Setting up a system for some lights to go on and off at certain times of the day certainly helps with this, creating the idea that there is movement in and around the house.

3) Ask one of your neighbours to check in regularly

If you don’t have automatic lights, or even if you do, it’s very important that an actual person goes in and out sometimes. This is not only to prevent the house from looking empty, but also, so that they can make sure that there are no technical difficulties or accidents happening at any time.

4) The yard is also very important!

Your yard or garden must be maintained while you’re gone, on the one hand, so that grass and plants continue to grow healthily, and on the other hand, so everyone knows the place has not been left alone. Installations such as a swimming pool can be secured in a way that prevents any damage that could happen while you’re not there. Services like https://www.remco.com.au/perth/ are worth checking out!

5) Remember to put valuables away

Just in case, try to leave as little valuables as you can at home. However, we all know that some things you can’t take with you, so: ensure that they are stored in a safe place and that they cannot be seen from outside.

6) Spare keys, too

If you’re used to leaving a spare key under the doormat or inside a plant pot, remember to remove them from their usual place and take them with you. You can also give them to your friend or neighbour.

7) Unplug electronics

One of the things that all of us tend to forget when we’re leaving for a while is to unplug all electronic devices. But it is crucial! It prevents electronics from suffering any damage if there is a power outage, as well as any event that may cause a spark and a fire. And at the same time, your electricity bill will be cheaper!

8) Be careful what you post on socials

While we usually trust the people who follow us in social media, and we do want to show them all the things we do and see on holiday, we must not forget that in some cases, it may be dangerous to say that you’re leaving. Simply put, do not say that the house is going to be empty, and you’re good to go!

9) Suspend mail delivery

This is another one we tend to forget about. If mail keeps piling up on your mailbox, someone may know you’re not there. Stop delivery of everything that comes in regularly, such as newspapers, and ask your neighbour to take the rest out of the mailbox.