16 March 2020

Tips and Tricks for Easy Caravan Storage

Space-saving is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to caravans. No wonder, poor space management in a caravan turn your trip into a big hassle and reduces the element of fun by a great deal. The best you can do to avoid it is to follow these simple tips and tricks to save as much space as possible.

Let’s get started!

  1. Take Compact and Portable Products

Many of us make the mistake of taking big items even if we are aware of space constraint. The ideal way to tackle the situation is to take small items. Bigger ones should be portable so they can be folded and placed conveniently. Whether you are taking an ironing board or rack for the utensils, everything should be portable. Otherwise, you won’t have enough space left for yourself.

  • Get Hooks

There are so many items that can conveniently be hanged onto the hooks eventually saving enough space for humans and other important stuff. Online platforms and physical stores sell a variety of hooks which can be simply be attached with the help of adhesives and tapes. Take such hooks along and hang your purses, jackets, and other minor stuff on them. However, keep in mind that these hooks do not have enough strength to bear extra weight.

  • Hanging Show Racks

Get shoe racks that can be hanged on to the walls. You can use the sections to put different items that you are carrying along. For example, food items, cleaning supplies, and so much more. You can get shoe racks at very nominal rates from any hypermarket or online stores. Get a couple of them to minimize as much clutter as possible.

  • Magnetic Strips

Magnetic strips might not be of great importance to you right now but it does wonders when it comes to space-saving. Get a couple of strips and fix them anywhere in the caravan. The strip can later be used for keeping small metallic items such as cutlery. The strip is fairly inexpensive and easy to use and maintain.

  • Pack Light

Over-packing is the biggest blunder you can make as a traveller. Remember that the purpose of travelling is to explore new things and not walk the ramp. You don’t really need to overpack. Wash and repeat clothes. Trust us no one is going to notice you repeating the same clothes that you wore a couple a days ago.

  • Folding Campers

Try to go for a folding camper as it has a wide number of advantages to offer. The reason why it is recommended is that it offers more living area. This eventually means you have more space to conveniently store your belongings without worrying about the space. Moreover, a rear folding camper has plenty of storage space. You can look for folding campers on sale on various online platforms at different price points.