23 May 2020

5 Things That Make The Best Work Safety Footwear

People that work in specific professions which involve heavy machinery, equipment, and other hazardous and dangerous material like automotive repair shops or construction workers, are required by the rules of safety guidelines to wear personal protective gear which will protect them for any accidents or occurrences. In this protective gear, shoes are an essential part.

This is why we believe there are a few essential factors that make perfect safety footwear. Without these factors the shoe will be lacking in one way or another, causing you trouble and making you uncomfortable. We have compiled a list down below for you of what those factors are. We truly think that Oliver work boots are the right shoes that fit all these factors.

1.    Non-Slip Sole

Choosing the right boot for your protective gear can be difficult and making sure to find one that has a non-slip sole can be even more difficult. However, when you are on top of a building and have the fear of slipping or in a situation where a slip could cause you your life or injure you, then having shoes that can slip or slide can increase the chances of you having an accident. Hence, we believe that investing in boots that has non-slip soles can help keep you protected.

2.    Waterproof

Many people tend to work in areas where they are exposed to water in some form or another. If your shoe is not waterproof, then this could cause some issues. Not only will the seeping water wear your shoe out, but will also cause health risks like fungal infections.  This is why we believe that having a waterproof shoe is essential in such workplaces. It will help keep your feet dry and protected from damage.

3.    Well Insolated

Making sure that the shoes you choose are well insulated is also very important to keep in mind. On a cold winter night, if your shoes do not provide you the right insulation from the cold, it can cause you to be very uncomfortable, hence, affecting your productivity. So we suggest you opt for boots with proper isolation like steel-capped boots, which will make sure you work comfortably.

4.    Good Design

Even though a well thought out design might not be the first thing that comes to your mind, it really can impact the way the shoe feels on your foot. If the shoe design is not well thought out, it can cause pain in your joints, feet and can expose you to cold and hot temperature. However, if it is, then you can work for multiple hours a day comfortably without facing any complications.

5.    Thickness:

The thickness of the shoe is also an important factor to consider. When your shoe is thick, it can help prevents serious accidents as it is not easily punctured. It can help keep you insulated from the cold and will also be able to withstand multiple usages and not wear-out.