27 February 2020

Vegetables & Herbs You Can Easily Grow On The Road

Do you have to rush to the store to get fruits and vegetables for cooking? Or do you have to buy some herbs to sprinkle on top of the dish you just cooked? Do you like to do catering for parties at home and need veggies at hand?

You need not worry about not having some anymore as you can grow many of these vegetables in your backyard.


Ginger is one of the must-add ingredients in most cuisines. This is why it always needs to be available at home. Also, fresh ginger has an even better taste. To have home-grown ginger, what you need to do is to sow the ginger roots in the soil in a pot. Small shoots will start appearing in a few weeks. You can use these and regrow new ones as well.

Spring onions

A very flavour-some ingredient, spring onions can be grown outside of your home as well as in your kitchen. Put the roots of onions into a container of water and in a few day’s time, new onions will start to grow. Replace the water as needed so that it remains clean.


Lettuce is the fundamental ingredient in most salads. It can be grown at home by placing its roots in a dish of water. Place the dish along with a window where sunlight can reach. Spray the plant with some water once or twice a week.


Potatoes grow roots on them after a few days naturally. Immerse such potatoes within the soil, water it and leave it by a sunny window. After a few days, you will see tiny stems sprouting out. Enjoy the mouthwatering potatoes as fries or baked and topped with cheese.


Tomatoes are added in most of the foods and also serve as part of salads. They can be grown by placing the washed and dried seeds in potting soil. Place the pot in sunlight and water it two or three times a week.

Likewise, other fruits and vegetables like garlic, cilantro, basil, turnips, pineapple etc. can also be grown in the premises of your home. Home-grown veggies and fruits save you some bucks and trips to the grocery store time and again.

However, you should keep in mind to keep your plants weed-free for their hale and hearty growth. In order to achieve that, you can use the environmentally-friendly herbicides from Contact Organics for safe weed control for your plants. 

With all the home-grown ingredients, now you can rather cook a more appetizing and delectable food at home than a fine dining restaurant.