16 December 2020

Tips for Hiring a Trusted Cleaning Company Post-Pandemic

Ever since Covid-19 has escalated throughout the world, it became a cyclone of calamities. The outbreak of the virus has caused a significant amount of trouble for businesses, and has done a lot of financial damage to the global economy.

After months of economic shutdown, the governments have decided to dismantle the lockdown, and many businesses are now re-opening. While sustaining with the new safety standards is mandatory, it’ll also help you to keep a neat and clean working environment.

Companies are now looking to hire professional cleaning services with great reviews in order to ensure completely safe and clean working environment.

Hiring a cleaning company in itself can be a big hassle as it can not only be a potential security risk but you can never be entirely sure about whether the company’s cleaning SOPs match the global health and safety standards or not.

Here’s a little guide for you that you must consider while hiring a cleaning company for your place.

  • Analyze the company:

Ask your peers, relatives, and neighbors for their recommendations on a reputable cleaning company. It’s better to interview at least four companies to get an estimate before picking up one to hire, check out their reviews online, and beware of the companies with negative reviews and multiple complaints.

  • Interview applicants:

Interview multiple applicants to determine if you would prefer to hire a large cleaning company or a sole cleaning person, examine the type of cleaning material they utilize in case of spillage especially if any of your staff members is allergic to chemicals. Since they will be staying in your home or office, decide if you would be comfortable with them or not.

  • Examine credentials:

Any company or individual that you consider for the cleaning project must be bonded and insured.  The insurance will keep your company protected in case of any damage or breakage. While hiring a company, make certain to check the background of the people working on your property.

  • Discussion of budget:

Before hiring a cleaning company, it is essential to take an estimate of the budget and search accordingly. Find out exactly what they’re offering and make certain that it encloses everything you wish to have cleaned. If you’ve anything, in particular, communicate that beforehand so that the cleaning company will make arrangements to accommodate your request.

  • Choose Professionals:

New companies might be working impressively, but the professional companies that have been working in the market for a long time are stable, skilled, and well-trusted, they know how to satisfy their clients with their work.  A skilled team of professionals like Urban Clean can be a perfect choice to hire for your office.

  • Get a written agreement:

After making a final decision, get a written agreement that spells out the terms and conditions from both sides, the services of the cleaners, the payable amount, and the timeframe in which the work will be completed.